Dear Customer,

The eBooks we have available include the single volume compilation as well as each individual story. For each eBook you have the option of Unkie reading aloud. This reading is set to "autoplay", which means that if you don't want to hear Unkie reading, you need only turn off the sound to your computer.

These eBooks use the .dnl eBook format and will require that you download the .dnl reader from This format works well on PC's. For Mac operating systems, the installation of the reader is a bit cumbersome and requires that your Mac has an intel processor (any Mac produced after 2007). By "cumbersome" we mean that installation requires that you work within Mac's built-in X11, which is a PC emulator, or another emulator, such as Virtual PC.

To purchase a Styraki eBook, you need only download an eBook file provided here. Open the file on your computer or tablet reader using the dnl reader application. You will be allowed to preview the first several pages before the eBook will prompt you to make the purchase through the .dnl secured server. If you like the eBook, we encourage you to email it to a friend.

Styraki eBooks are also available in the Zinio format. To learn more, visit

We are a small family business. Thank you for your support.



   "Single Volume Compilation", $12.95 (24.8 MB download)

   "The Lava Alert", $5.00 (5.3 MB)

   "The Big Storm", $5.00 (4.6 MB)

   "The Fossil Bone", $5.00 (4.6 MB)

   "The Orchard Earthquake", $5.00 (5.3 MB)

   "The Sunken River", $5.00 (5.4 MB)

   "The Great Glacier", $5.00 (5.1 MB)

   "The Missing Moon", $5.00 (5.7 MB)